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Evrostroy - 03 OOD

   We are "Evrostroy - 03" and we are a construction company specialized in the execution of all kinds of residential and public projects in the field of low and high-rise construction. Our activity is both in Bulgaria and Germany. We have a number of completed projects, both to rough construction and turnkey. In our many years of experience we have worked with the most modern formwork systems, technologies and equipment. 

   "Evrostroy - 03" is guided by its guiding principles: quality, honesty and efficiency. The company is invariably associated with personal commitment and loyalty to the customer, as well as excellent quality of the services offered. It presents a modern vision according to the latest standards and norms to meet the dynamics and challenges of modern technologies and solutions. Projects are executed in compliance with all regulatory requirements while adhering to the principles of awareness, confidentiality and service to the client.

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